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At the Hospital
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Baby McDonald

The big moment arrives...

On this page I'll describe the birth of the baby (in Holly and Josh's words) and mention some of the people who visited the hospital during Holly's labor and after the arrival. I hope to add information about how they knew it was time to go to the hospital, how many hours Holly was in labor, and how the baby reacted to his/her first few moments in the world.

I'll put a picture of the baby here, when he or she is just a few hours old!

Birth Details

I'll fill in this area with information about the birth and the parent's stay in the hospital. For example, I might include these birth details:

Delivered by:
Others Present:
First Visitors:

I asked Holly, What hospital she is considering delivering at... Her answer was, "I am thinking about Community, but I still want to check out Regional before I make my final decision.  I think Community because momma works there and the rooms are larger, and momma knows the delivery nurses there."