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The Mommy Interview

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Baby McDonald

How does Mommy think things will be with the new baby...

Mommy Interview...

Heather: How do you feel about being pregnant and how does josh feel?
Holly: I am so happy to be pregnant.  I don't like being sick and tired all of the time, but i know it will all be worth it.  Josh likes me being pregnant, especially now that i'm starting to show a little bit.  at first he thought the tired and sickness was just excuses, but he knows now that he has seen me with my head in the toilet, that it's real.
Heather: How do you and Josh think the first few days after birth will go?
Holly:well, we'll still be in the hospital most likely, so they shouldn't be too bad.  But when we go home it will probably kinda crazy if the baby don't sleep at night and we have company all day until the new wears off!
Heather: How do you think you will adjust to sleep deprivation?
Holly: i'm hoping to have one of those baby's that like to sleep all night right from the beginning.  but if it wants to be up all night, i guess i will too, and when it does decide to sleep (day or night) i will too!  But everyone adjusts to it, i think if YOU could that anyone could!
Heather: What do you hope the baby will be like or not like?
Holly:i hope the baby is healthy above everything else, but i hope it's beautiful and sweet, not mean.
Heather: What traits do you want the baby to have of yours or josh's and what traits do you not want it to have?
Holly: i hope if we have a girl that it will favor me and if it's a boy it will look like josh.  I only hope it don't have pale skin that burns so easily.
Heather: Who do you plan on having in Labor and Delivery? ETC.?
Holly: it depends on how many dr carey will let me have in there.  but i want josh, momma, you and mrs. wanda.  that will be stretching it b/c he usually only let's 2 people in.  so i may not get that many.