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Baby McDonald
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Welcome to the world!

I am creating this webpage for my new nephew or neice that is still "in the making".
I am going to use this site to share the experience with everyone, including before the arrival, how the birth went, and how things go after the baby is at home with the new mommy and daddy. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures! Aunt Heather will see to that!!!

On the home page I will post the baby's first picture once he or she is born, along with all the good stuff... the measurements, weight, hair color, eye color, etc. I will also tell how the family is doing before and after the baby is born.

Vital Statistics

I'll fill in this area with information about the baby once it is born:
Date of Birth:
Time of Birth:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:


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To comment to the parents to be... Please email Holly and Josh McDonald at